Jaipur Beat's

A Fusion. A Folk. A Indo-Western Band.

Important Notice: Dino Banjara has been leaved The Band. If someone used to hire Dino Banjara at the Name of Jaipur Beat's than We [Jaipur Beat's] Team can take legal action against party.

"We live the lifestyle. That's what rock is supposed to be about -rebellion and having fun. We've been blessed with the opportunity to play music as a career, so we might as well take advantage of it and have a good time."

We the Jaipur Beat's group formed in August 2008 in jaipur, India. As Rajasthan is famous for their Culture, Folk music and Folk Dance. Faruk Khan is one of the leading members of the group; he has been trained in playing Indian classical Sarangi instrument by World renowned Sarangi player ‘Ustad Ramzan Khan’ for a period of 10 years now. His forte is Sarangi but he is also a professional Santoor player.
Kayam Ali, A tabla player cum santoor player; he has experienced in playing indian classical tabla instrument near about of 15year. He has been trained in playing tabla instrument & Santoor instrument by World renowed tabla mastro 'Ustad Munshi Ahamed'. Also He has been performed in some International Music Festivals, recently he has been performed in "Thanes' Music Festival 2010" Switzerland.
Aarif Khan, A sitar cum sehnai player; he has been trained by playing indian classical sitar & shenai by his father Ustad Mahmood Khan and Grandfather Ustad Bhawar Khan. A most important part of his life is that he has been registered his name with "The world of gunnies book" as a sitar player. He has already performed for too many national or international shows.
The music of this group has special significance as the tracks is rich fusion of indo-western beat's. We always try to make new conceptually based show for every event, which type of viewers we would have than we arrange our concepts. We are the one in India who presents a show with mixing of classical indian instrument with western instruments.
In our band you will get a rocking fusion of Saxophone, Tabla, Sitar and Sarangi, kartal, bapang (Typical Indian classical instruments) and Drum, Guitar, Keyboard. Together all musicians of jaipur beat's create a musical illusion which is beyond the words to express.

Performance in India's Got Talent - Khoj 2

Our Services

We include some of the following performances in our shows; Performances are following:

  • Indo-Western Classical Instrument Fusion
  • Live mixing of English Song Vocalist with Indian Classical Instruments
  • Live mixing of English, Indian Classical Bollywood and Rajasthani Folk Fusion

Following Instruments which we use in our show as per show requirement:-

  • Saxophone (western instrument)
  • Guitar (western instrument)
  • Drum (western instrument)
  • Keyboard (western instrument)
  • Sarangi (Indian instrument)
  • Sitar (Indian instrument)
  • Tabla (Indian instrument)
  • Morchang/ kartal / Bhapang(Indian instrument)

Last Shows

We are listing here some of our most valuable last shows:

  • Apolo Ground, Jaipur
  • Taj Hotel, Mumbai
  • Jaipur International Festival, 2010
  • Aircel, Rajputana Sheretan
  • Alliance Francaise, Delhi
  • Manglam Real Estate, 2010
  • Balaji Entertainment, Nagpur 2011
  • Animation Film Fare, Jaipur 2011
  • Jaipur Marathon, 2011
  • Bikaner Royal Wedding (Lakshmi Niwas), 2011
  • Suryagarh, Bikaner
  • Lonely Planet, Mumbai
  • Rashi Pheriphals, Mumbai
  • IndiaMart Awards-2014, Delhi
  • CRF-2014, Hyderabad

Contact Us

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[Email] info@jaipurbeats.com , pratap1188@gmail.com